Programm 2019
04.08.2019 um 19:00 Uhr
Bühne Stadtpark


Chamber Pop - RnB - Cinematic Soul.
LIENNE embodies an unrestrained love for life. A love that is completely palpable in her sensual music. She fiercely relays songs that are both rough and at times profound, with themes that range from life's more mundane struggles to the most challenging topics of our current society. This exceptional singer not only shares the trials and tribulations that young women are often faced with in today's world, but also the singular battles of managing your native culture in the western world. With effortless charm, depth of emotion, and diverse source material, the young Augburgians LIENNE simply captivates her listeners, in a way often only seen among the world's most beloved vocalists.

LIENNE utterly entrances her audience just as much as she liberates them. Already showing all the hallmarks of a star, this young singer will surely make her way to the very top.