Programm 2018
05.08.2018 um 14:15 Uhr

Clap Clap Circo

Street Circus Show
Welcome to Clap Clap Circo!

Much more than hula hoops, humor and juggling!

An explosive couple that combines absurd comedy with high level circus skills.

Their professionalism, their particular esthetic, the powerfull personality of both characters, the big complicity with the audience, and the vertiginous rhythm of their acts make this a company unique in their specie.
"Gulp" is a circus-theater show full of hula hoop, juggling, fake-magic and a lot of humor.

This crazy couple will ridiculously win your heart, envolving the public into the powers of their "magical elixir".

The music plays a very important role, the scenes are almost coreographyes.

Gulp is an original, fun and very dynamic Show directed to all kind of audiences!


14:15 Uhr
16:20 Uhr
18:00 Uhr

14:15 Uhr
16:20 Uhr
18:00 Uhr